Social Security Administration


To deliver Social Security services that meet the changing needs of the public. The agency's responsibilities include assigning Social Security numbers to U.S. citizens, maintaining earnings records for workers under their Social Security numbers and administering the Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind and disabled.

Headquarters: Baltimore, MD. Other Locations: main regional offices in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle. Plus over 1,400 field offices, Teleservice Centers (800 number), Program Service Centers and Hearings Offices nationwide.

Best Places Ranking


The Social Security Administration ranked 6th out of 30 agencies in the 2010 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings with an index score of 71.6.

Recruitment Program / Outreach Efforts

SSA has a strong National Recruitment Strategy. This strategy includes a nationwide marketing plan and campaign, coordination of nationwide recruitment cadres and on-campus recruitment, and use of the Internet and automation to enhance outreach efforts and improve the timeliness of the hiring process.

Recruitment Bonuses and Student Loan Repayment

To assist in its recruitment efforts, SSA granted 11 recruitment bonuses in FY 2007 and 2008 totaling a little over $113,000. The bonuses were primarily used to fill information technology occupations.

Hiring Projections

With about 50 percent of SSA's workforce, including 66 percent of supervisors, eligible to retire by 2018, and SSA’s workload increasing dramatically due to expected baby boom retirements, SSA is facing many human capital challenges. In response to these challenges, SSA is actively recruiting a multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce with the right competencies to continuously provide the highest standard of considerate and thoughtful service for the public. SSA will continue to prioritize hiring in direct service positions, such as service and claims representatives, benefit and claims authorizers, and teleservice representatives in order to eliminate the claims backlog and prevent its recurrence. Most of these positions will be at the entry level and for locations nationwide. In addition, as the disability process improves in speed and quality, there will be an increased need nationwide for entry level legal professionals and information technology positions.

no data No Data Available

Key Occupational Area/Position
# of Employees
as of 9/30/08
Total Hires
FY 2007-08
Projected Hires
FY 2010-12
Administration/Program Management
Human Resources 645 38 No data available.
Business and Industry
Contracting 88 13 No data available.
Information Technology
Information Technology Management 3,687 341 No data available.
General Legal 3,504 877 No data available.
Attorney 1,716 266 No data available.
Paralegal 1,402 6 No data available.
Contact Representative 11,525 3,498 4,000
Legal Assistance 3,063 549 No data available.
Claims Assistance and Examining 1,791 53 No data available.
Administrative Law Judge 1,189 107 No data available.
Mathematics and Statistics
Actuary 45 6 No data available.
Social Sciences
Social Science 40 7 No data available.
Social Insurance Administration 27,518 2,030 No data available.
Claims Representative/Authorizer 27,518 2,030 3,500
Key Occupational Area/Position
Total Left
FY 2007-08
FY 2012
Administration/Program Management
Human Resources 103 48 214 290
Business and Industry
Contracting 21 45 22 30
Information Technology
Information Technology Management 380 48 905 1,295
General Legal 457 42 585 844
Attorney 160 47 258 412
Paralegal 213 52 582 790
Contact Representative 1,701 43 1,490 2,366
Legal Assistance 377 48 523 851
Claims Assistance and Examining 287 53 793 1,022
Administrative Law Judge 119 61 716 886
Mathematics and Statistics
Actuary 4 42 9 11
Social Sciences
Social Science 9 48 17 18
Social Insurance Administration 3,474 46 6,882 9,625
Claims Representative/Authorizer 3,474 46 6,882 9,625

SSA expects to hire 3,000 to 5,000 mission critical employees each year for a total of 13,000 hires. Most will be claims, service and teleservice representatives; benefit authorizers; and legal employees. Ther Partnership for Public Service projects that during FY 2010-2012, SSA will hire approximately 4,000 contact representatives and 3,500 claim representatives/authorizers.

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Demographics source: FedScope, OPM

Location of Social Security Administration Positions by Region

Source: Fedscope 09/08

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